2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Just in case you need a little help picking out gifts this year, I thought it would be fun to put together a small gift guide! There are no affiliate links here, just items I actually love (and some that I own and love). Maybe you'll find something you love too!

For the Foodie Who Loves Entertaining

121216 2016 gift guide 01.png

01. Farmhouse Pottery Cheese Stone ($100.00) | I've been in love with these cheese stones for a few years, and now that I've been experimenting more with vegan cheese, I think it's time to finally get a pretty platter to show them off. 

02. Crate & Barrel Wood Pedestal Server with Dome ($69.95) | I'm always attracted to wood- and stone-made pieces for the kitchen, and this cake stand would make the perfect centerpiece to any dessert spread.

03. Farmhouse Pottery Dipped Baker's Pin ($50.00) | Another favorite from Farmhouse Pottery. These beautiful rolling pins are just what you need to roll out pie and tart doughs with precision and beauty.

04. Revol Les Naturales Tart Pan ($69.99) | I love every single Revol Les Naturels stoneware piece I own, including this tart pan. Every item in this line is beautifully-crafted, high-quality, well-made and naturally non-stick. What's not to love?

05.  Studiopatro Flour Sack Towels ($39.00) | I try to grab reusable towels over paper towels whenever I can. These oversized flour sack towels are the perfect mix of elegance and utility making them a treasured tool in the kitchen for years to come. 

06. Anthropologie Mini Latte Bowl Set ($12.00) | They're back! I remember when these little bowls were discontinued a couple years ago, and I drove to two locations just to snag the ones I wanted (stalker much?). They're the perfect size for dips and sauces, not to mention that one scoop of your favorite ice cream when you really want the whole pint.

For the Maker Who is Always Working on A "New Project"

121216 2016 gift guide 02.png

01. Grainline Studio Stowe Bag PDF Pattern ($14.00) | This is a sewing pattern that walks you through the steps of making your very own craft carry-all. Perfect for the crafter on-the-go.

02. Pacific & West Walnut and Brass Notebook ($30.00) | These are my favorite journals in the whole wide world! I use the dot grid pages for sketching, designing and dreaming.

03. Need Supply Co. Delfonics Wood Mechanical Pencil ($10.00) | This pencil, in gold, makes the perfect companion to my favorite notebook. In a beautiful package with a handful of my favorite erasers, this duo would make the perfect stocking stuffer for any writer, maker or doer who loves getting their thoughts down on paper.

04. Target Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Marker Pen Set ($24.99) | I use these pens for everything from drawing out biochemical and immunological pathways to color coding my planner and product development. I can't see myself using any other markers.

05. Colette Patterns Colette Sewing Planner ($28.00) | I'm relatively new to sewing, but my head is already swirling with all the things I want to try. This sewing planner seems like just the tool to keep me organized and on track.

06. MP Paper Co. Weekly Classic Planner ($55.00 but currently on sale for $20.00!!!) | I've been using this planner since the beginning of the school year, and I'm in love! There is the print spiral-bound version (which I've linked) but also downloadable print files for those who'd rather mix and match to customize their own planner binder.

For the Modern Small-Space food gardener

121216 2016 gift guide 03.png

01. Terrain Heritage Gardening Hose ($59.00) | I'm so excited for next year's growing season because it will be my first time having a container garden! Even though a full on water hose might be overkill (I calculated that using a water can twice a day would be sufficient), I still love this beautiful gardening hose!

02. Terrain Haws Solid Copper Watering Can ($98.00) | Another superfluous item, but it's... just... so... pretty! I would think of every excuse in the book to water my garden if I had this can.

03. Terrain Saipua Coffee Mint Soap ($18.00) | If there's one thing I learned from my Organic Gardening class this past Summer, it's to never underestimate the power of a good bar of soap! This coffee mint bar sounds like it's exfoliating enough to handle the dirt but bright enough to freshen you up. Perfect. 

04. Terrain Wooden Crate ($28.00) | These are just the right trays for a small culinary herb garden. I can't wait to make more summer dishes with fresh herbs grown by my own hand. Adding castors to the bottom would even allow them to move as you move around the kitchen while prepping and planning for dinner!

05. Terrain Japanese Carbon Steel Shears ($38.00) | I'm obsessed with these beautiful shears. Perfect for snipping herbs here and there to top off any dish. Every time I picture myself trimming rosemary from my own garden, my heart flutters. Seriously.

06. Floret Farm Seed Collection Hardy Annual Mix ($25.00) | Last, but not least, a seed collection of "easy to grow" summer annuals that just might be the perfect confidence booster for any beginning gardener. Plus, Floret is one of the top-ranking flower farms in the US, so you know there's quality seed here.

And that's it! I hope this list makes shopping for your loved ones just a little bit easier. Wishing you all a lovely, warm and peace-filled Christmas and holiday season!