#The100DayProject: 100 Days of Recipes

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I love creative projects. There's something about the extended course of a creative practice that brings out the best in me. Joy. Ingenuity. A pep in my step. A lightness in my heart. In undergrad, I had an incredibly wise, brilliant, and eccentric design professor who used to walk around the studio yelling, "Get the corn out of your system!!" Meaning, your best ideas won't come until you get the junk out first. You have to work for it. Creativity cures corn.

I've heard about The 100 Day Project for at least the past three years, but I was never really interested. I always felt like I couldn't spare the time to work on an additional project when there were so many irons in the fire. This time, I feel like I kind of need it. The honest truth is that I am exhausted. Not physically. Not mentally. Not even emotionally. It's a form of discontentment, and I'm not entirely sure with what. So, I need to return to what I know. I need to be doing something for no other reason than because I genuinely enjoy it, so I can better understand what's missing.

At the time of writing, I have a list of 154 recipe ideas just waiting for me to... do something. I love recipe development, and writing one recipe per day is something I can reasonably handle. Naturally, the complexity of each will vary depending on the day. Most importantly, I'm just really excited to begin.

I have an idea of how I'd like to organize the recipes when I'm done, but that will come later. Right now, I'm writing. No cooking, baking, testing, or editing. Just writing.

So, starting tomorrow and over the next 100 days, I'll be working on 100 recipes. All plant-based. All made with my health needs in mind. Here's to getting rid of the corn and enjoying the process.