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What is Naturopathic Medicine? 

Is Naturopathic Medical School hard? Yes, very. You will be challenged regardless of your academic background and/or aptitude. For some, it's hard because of the work load. For others, it's hard to lose complete autonomy of your time. It's just hard: in many different ways for many different reasons. BUT... it can be done and done well.

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Are you vegan? Yes.

Why are you vegan? No, but you will find a lot of vegan breakfast and baked goods on the blog and in the recipe library. With an egg intolerance and sensitivity to lactose, I quickly learned to look for vegan dishes on breakfast and dessert menus so that I could be confident that whatever I ordered would be safe to eat. Eventually, I became more comfortable with making vegan dishes at home, particularly in baking. You will see a lot of these recipes on the blog, because I want my work to be an accurate representation of my life and current interests.